Let's start the year with great news! Our Yandex Go Project is winner of a gold award of the annual French Design Awards 2023. French Design Awards recognizes outstanding projects in the field of architecture, urban planning and industrial design that meet three qualities: they must be inspiring, unique and stylish.

To create a design brief, the design team has developed an effective functional space planning model based on the parameters of the company's long-term development, as well as the peculiarities of public and individual needs in the company’s social infrastructure.

For example, before the start of the design, the design team has conducted several research aimed at studying the psycho-emotional characteristics of employees. One part of this large research program was aimed at identifying planning and environmental tools that increase motivation and employee performance and minimize stress .That is why the office space planning combines a wide range of different work formats: from open space to meeting rooms and offices, from lounges to coffee points as city cafes.

The interior design is laconic and geometric with a lot of wood and calm colors to create a cozy homely atmosphere.

The result of our teamwork is technologically advanced and cozy, flexible and functional spaces that convey the Yandex company culture and promote creative and professional fulfillment.

We would like to thank the entire big team worked on this project and look forward to new joint success!