RTDA architects held seminars at the Moscow State University of Administration of the Moscow Government

The chief architect of the RTDA bureau Dina Dridze and the project architect Anton Petukhov held the seminars for the students of the Moscow State University of Administration of the Moscow Government. As the part of the course "International standards and approaches in urban design aimed at creating a healthy urban environment", they talked about the new challenges of urban planning in the pandemic era, urban planning regulation and its impact on the comfort of citizens, factors in the formation of a healthy lifestyle.

In the framework of the seminars, a meaningful discussion took place. Dina and Anton shared their experience about the Technological Valley project at Moscow State University: they talked about the specifics of working with intracity campuses and the principles of a modern research university, about the features of planning solutions and a functional program for the territory, and also showed the specifics of the city planning code of the new campus.

The process of classes with practicing architects vividly shows the real process of city development, the features and challenges of each new urban area. The atmosphere of discussion and creative exchange of knowledge made the seminar an interesting and significant event for both listeners and speakers.