We would like to share more good news! Our Lagonaki All-Season Mountain Eco-Resort project is winner of a gold award of the annual international Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2024, a prestigious award in the field of urban planning and architecture.

The project turned out to be beautiful and very special. It was of importance to carefully approach the ancient culture of the region (Republic of Adygea), and its legends, to display traditional patterns on the facades and interiors of the proposed architectural concept, and to advantageously emphasize by design the unique nature of this area with its mountains and relict trees.

The concept of the first development stage of the Lagonaki All-Season Mountain Eco-Resort provides for the construction of hotels and a cable car station with related public and service infrastructure facilities within a compact area located in a mountainous landscape with a rough topography characterized by changes in elevation and rocky hills.

The development itself is delicately integrated into the existing landscape creating a complex multi-level pattern, and a human-scaled environment with functions meeting the needs of various target groups.

The project places emphasis on the secluded location of hotels and apartments with respect to panoramic views not only from rooms equipped with terraces, but also from public areas accessible to all guests of the eco-resort.

The RTDA team has performed a herculean task, so we sincerely congratulate everyone involved on this well-deserved award!