We would like to share the good news with you! Our Yandex Go Project won the annual World Design Awards 2023, a prestigious award in the field of world architecture and interior design.

The Yandex.Go Office Space Project is the result of a long dialogue between the design team and the Client. The uniqueness of the project involves both creating relevant space design solutions and adapting layout solutions based on an insightful analysis of the Client's needs.

The Project is based on the Activity Based Working principles. This is a business strategy that gives employees the opportunity to choose their own place to work. That is why the office space includes the most varied work formats: from open space to meeting rooms and individual offices, lounges, coffee points in the city cafes style.

To maintain the health of employees in the office, a system of internal space for sports and physical activity has been developed, including small fitness points located on each floor (designed for 1-2 persons).

In addition, architectural and MEP solutions are linked in such a way that each office space unit can become an independent premise without any changes to the MEP system. This enables to quickly transform the layout adapting to the rapidly changing needs of project teams.

The result of our teamwork is technologically advanced and cozy, flexible and functional spaces that convey the Yandex company culture and promote creative and professional fulfillment.

We thank the entire big team worked on this project and look forward to new joint success!