City Projects

Educational program for advanced training

Since 2018 a practice-oriented educational program for advanced training "City Projects" on the basis of the Department of Territorial Development, V.L. Glazychev School of Design with the participation of the RTDA bureau has been implemented. The program works to develop the skills of systematic work with the urban environment, to get students acquainted with advanced cases of implemented territorial development projects as well as developing management experience using real cases as examples.

As part of the program our colleague Elena Popova, the Head of the urban planning research department of RTDA, the Member of the Union of Moscow Architects, gives lectures on topical issues of urban development, visits Moscow city planning sites with students and helps with the preparation of their own territorial development projects.

During “City Projects” you will learn:

- the history of the formation of cities and modern trends in urban development;

- quality standards for the environment and housing;

- socio-cultural planning;

- transport planning and urban transport management;

- the role of PR and marketing in modern urban planning activities;

- modern design and construction technologies;

- new trends in the formation of urban documentation and legal support for the management of urban planning projects;

- project management;

- foreign experience on the example of various cases selected by invited experts;

The program is focused primarily on state and municipal employees, heads of design organizations and architectural bureaus, practitioners in the field of territorial development.

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